2D puzzle game made for Giacomo's birthday!

Help a blind archer collect fruit by chirping at where to shoot arrows. When fruit is on the ground long enough and not rolling too quickly, the timer will count down. and it will be collected when it's up.

Features 10 levels, with 15-30 minutes of playtime.

Extra keys:
Shift-S to enable squirrel being hit by arrows, for extra challenge
Shift-R to restart the whole game



5/9/2022 v1.2 - Squirrel no longer hurt by arrows! Also now mobile-playable with onscreen buttons, WIP working until Level 7
30/8/2022 v1.1 - New level added, 'Tightropes'
23/8/2022 v1.0 - First release!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
AuthorsMorphious86, fizzd, celesti
Tags2D, Casual, Indie, Physics, Relaxing, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


Windows Download (Jam Build) 40 MB
Windows Download 39 MB


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I found something, I think I found the same as @Molcaline's.
Far well my blind arther, we will meet again some day...


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There was a bug with the arrows. Great game, just a small thing I came across.


was super fun! and a good amount of challenging, too


really cute!


Fun game and lovely art style


Thank you for the playthrough! It's so good to see all the intended solutions being used haha




Squeak ‘n Seek Walkthrough


I feel bad bcause I let the archer sail away while I remained on the island. This was still super fun though! The puzzles were creative, and just the right level of difficult. They also didnt feel repetitive at all! 10/10.


Loved this game, its challenging enough to really make you put your mind to work yet still easy enough that you dont rage, also it has very easy to understand mechanics and a cute artstyle 10/10 must play if you are bored and got time to kill


Is there any lore to this game? If you go backward on the boat scene at the end of the game there's a picture of a girl on the tree.

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Not really haha

The drawing is newer concept art for the characters in the game (who've been changed to an archer and a bird instead), but the game uses the old designs


Great game! And a late Happy Birthday to Giacomo!



This was so cute!!!


fun, clever and adorable omg


really fun!